The Team

So I have to say, I have an amazing group of ladies helping me plan this retreat. Let me introduce you to them!

Ms Helen Mikolajewski is our grief counselor for this event. I have know Helen for around 10 years and couldn’t ask for a kinder woman to volunteer her services.

The Mama Bears helping out are: Ms Bayley Jordan -I was lucky enough to meet Bayley at Landon’s Legacy. Although she lives in Victoria, BC she has been a big help!

Mrs. Marie-Christine Bruce -MC and I met last year at a local support group. I mentioned at group one night that I was thinking of starting a retreat. She approached me immediately and said “I’m in! What can I do!” Her help has been invaluable.

Mrs. Esther Schultz -Esther and I also met at Landon’s Legacy (and is my boss on the weekdays). Her approach to struggles has been inspiring and I couldn’t have gotten this far without her!