How this Started

Note: I am so glad I could have this site up today as April 1st is my son Daniel’s birthday . Update below: Registration is now open!

This. This little nick knack I found on a weekend getaway was the final nudge I needed to start this journey. 

If you’re visiting my page, then I imagine you are either a parent who has lost a child or have a loved one who is enduring this tragedy.  In either case, I am sorry we’re meeting like this.

It’s genuinely a shit club that no one asks to be a part of.  Here’s the small positive though.  When you meet someone else in this club, there is an instant connection.  You could be on the opposite side of the world on an island roughly the size of Denver Airport, meet a grieving parent and be connected for life (yes this actually happened).

And that is what I am hoping to accomplish with starting this retreat.  I was lucky enough to go on such a retreat back in 2017. To this day I am still in contact with these ladies.  They have my back because they understand. Heck, some of them have been gracious enough to help me organize this.

So I’ll say it again.  I’m sorry you have a need to be here but I’m glad you found this. You’re not alone and maybe together we can keep ourselves going. Be a part of the tribe.


Hi everyone. I know everyone is in the thick of summer enjoying the sun. My advisory team and I have been working hard at planning events for the retreat. My concern is a lack of registration at this point. If you are planning on attending, please let us know as soon as possible. If we do not have enough attendee’s, we may need to cancel unfortunately.

Registration is now open!

Whew! Sorry this took so long but I’ve finally gotten both the registration page up and the Go Fund Me site ready. They on their respective pages.

Thank you for your patience. Things are starting to come together and I need to say a huge thank you to my advisory board. These other loss mom’s have been an amazing support to me in this journey. I’ve asked them to share a short biography on themselves. when they’re ready I will share in another post.

In the meantime these ladies and I are planning a little road trip up to the lodge this summer and will be sharing some video, so look for that soon.